Volunteer opportunities for community members are available in a variety of activities.

Team NYSARC is comprised of over 80 individuals, family, staff and community members.

Team NYSARC participates in over 30 awareness campaigns each year in partnership with charities of interest to program participants.

Volunteer Program Mission

The mission of St. Lawrence NYSARC's Volunteer Program is to integrate individuals with intellectual and other developmental disabilities into their communities by providing quality learning experiences that are charitable and build strong relationships within our communities.

Community & Program Focused Volunteer Activities

St. Lawrence NYSARC, a highly diversified service organization, offers numerous opportunities for volunteers in structured day program settings. The concept of "volunteer matching" is the guiding principle in delivering positive experiences for our volunteers and program participants. Opportunities may include, but are not limited to, special one-time presentations, educational tutoring, recreational activities, classroom assistance, and sharing special talents. Long-term, caring relationships are often the outcome of these special volunteer experiences. Enthusiasm, energy, and enjoying people are our only requirements.

St. Lawrence NYSARC appreciates the value of community-based activities and encourages active participation in community integration that includes: fitness activities, shopping, lunches, volunteering at other organizations, assisting in community projects, and establishing community connections. These are great opportunities for people who are dynamic, lively, and excited to build new relationships.

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