St. Lawrence NYSARC's transportation departments transports individuals safely and reliably between all of our programs and services!

Everyone is eligible for transportation

Our transportation department transports participants of NYSARC's programs and services, however, SLNYSARC also operates St. Lawrence County Public Transportation (Public Transit), and anyone can use this Public Transit for a minimal fee. Our buses are wheelchair accessible and we can take many special needs into consideration.

Delays and cancellations are announced on:

  • WSLB FM 1400 AM
  • WMSA 1340 AM
  • WSLU (NCPR) 89.5 FM
  • WPAC 92.7 FM
  • WYBG 1050 AM
  • WNCQ 102.9 FM
  • WPDM/WSNN 99.3 FM
  • Fox and News 10 (TV news streams)
  • Fox and News 10 websites

About St. Lawrence NYSARC's Transportation Department

SLNYSARC operates a fleet of nearly 200 vehicles, and travels nearly 2 million miles annually. The Operations Center maintains a clean, up-to-date garage which provides quality care and assurance to each of our vehicles on the road.

(315) 386-2600