Community Arts

Workshop Descriptions


Acting Performance

Teaches fundamentals of Drama, Theatre History, and Acting Techniques. Open to advanced level groups, based on experience and ability.

Art History

Explores worldwide artistic expression throughout history. Examines work and technique of famous painters. Ideal for people interested in several subject areas.

Creative Arts

Artists of all levels explore all aspects of the Visual Arts, including: design, sculpture, art history, and crafts.

Creative Communications & Public Speaking

Examine different types of Communication: from interpersonal, to non-verbal, to American Sign Language.

Cultural & Culinary Arts

Learn about the customs, traditions, art, and cuisine of cultures from around the world. At the end of each unit, you will prepare a food from that culture.

Dance Performance

Teaches basic steps and fundamentals. Genres include: jazz, lyric, line dance, ballet, ballroom, etc. Open to advanced level groups, based on experience and ability.

Drawing & Design

Focuses on the technique of drawing, shading, and design. Explore everything from realism, to comic, to still life.

Music History & Performance

Explores musical genres and the cultural aspects of them, including popular dances, fashions, and political significance. Teaches basic understanding of Music Theory, various instruments, and includes how they work and sound.


Create sculptures using a variety of materials and techniques. Pieces are created using paper, clay, found objects, etc.

Studio Arts

Advanced course for experienced artists to hone talents in oil and acrylic painting on canvas.

The Art of Movement

A Movement-Based course that studies physical movement as an art form, such as: Tai Chi, Capoeira, Stage Combat, Fight Choreography.


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