Children & Youth Services

Our Mission...

is to provide services and supports to children with developmental disabilities and their families.

We Provide...

home and community based services that target skill development and allows children to develop age appropriate independent living and social skills using principles and strategy or Applied Behavior Analysis.

We Aspire...

to teach those we serve and expand awareness in the community through internships, trainings, and community events.


Description of Services

Home and Community Based Services

Through the OPWDD Waiver Program, providing services and strategies to address daily living skills (personal care, showering, tooth brushing, face washing), self-care (dining, dressing, use of grooming aids), household chores (maintaining orderly environment, laundry, cleaning, and meal preparation), personal health care (nutrition, first aid, and self-medication), personal financial management (currency recognition to banking and purchasing), appropriate social behavior, fire evacuation, life safety activities, on-site professional services by qualified members of the clinical discipline (Behavior Analyst, OT, PT, Speech).


Nexus is an after school social skills training program for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders.  During the school year, Nexus is a center-based program, where children have opportunities to interact with their peers and to develop appropriate social skills through the use of games, lessons and interactive activities.  During the summer, the program is based in the community, where children have opportunities to engage in community events while interacting with peers and generalizing their social skills, including: 

  • Apologizing 
  • Asking for help 
  • Complimenting others 
  • Joining in 
  • Developing conversation skills 
  • Problem solving and “moving on” 

Clinical Support Services for Schools 

  • Behavior Consultation with licensed BCBA staff 
  • Occupational Therapy 
  • Physical Therapy 
  • Speech Therapy 

Medicaid Service Coordination

To assist parents in accessing services for their child, including Medicaid Enrollment and Waiver Eligibility. 

Respite Services

Respite services are available on an “as-needed” basis to families throughout the county. St. Lawrence NYSARC offers evening and weekend programs. Services are provided on a 24-hour basis. 

Weekday Clubs

  • Art Club 
  • Exercise Club 
  • Cooking Club 

Saturday Club

St. Lawrence NYSARC provides recreational trips and activities with a supervised peer group. A monthly calendar of events is developed by the group during their regularly scheduled meetings. 

Saturday Nexus

This program is designed to teach social skills to children on the Autism Spectrum who need more of a discrete trial format. The children are typically younger and need to work 1:1 with adults to develop reciprocal play skills. 

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