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St. Lawrence NYSARC is a non-profit membership association dedicated to full inclusion and integration for persons with intellectual and other developmental disabilities in St. Lawrence County.



St. Lawrence NYSARC envisions full inclusion and integration of people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities.


St. Lawrence NYSARC exists as a non-profit membership association to provide services in the community for persons with intellectual and other developmental disabilities. Our mission is to offer individuals and their families an opportunity to achieve self determined goals. All services strive to promote choices intended to meet each person's therapeutic, residential, and employment needs and interests. This Agency is committed to providing lifelong opportunities that enhance the individuality, inclusion, independence, and personal growth of individuals receiving services.


Overview of SLNYSARC

Over 750 Individuals Served

Nearly 600 Staff Employed

Dozens of locations all throughout St. Lawrence County



  • Although we receive government funding to provide services for people with disabilities, we are NOT part of County, State, or Federal government.
  • Seaway Industries, a division of St. Lawrence NYSARC, provides employment for people with disabilities through contracts, generating over $2 million in sales annually.
  • Local business is a vital component in our mission of providing employment.
  • St. Lawrence NYSARC’s Transportation Department provides public transportation throughout St. Lawrence County.



Main Locations

St. Lawrence NYSARC's main locations are marked on this map. In addition to these locations, St. Lawrence NYSARC maintains residences and other support locations throughout the county.