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What We Do

Each day, St. Lawrence NYSARC helps hundreds of St. Lawrence County residents with developmental disabilities live full, independent lives.

Our program participants live as part of their community, working to achieve their own goals.

From vocational training to arts programs, we provide extensive services throughout the whole county.  Please explore our services to find a place with us.


Want to see what's going on around the agency? Check out our calendar. Most of the listings are for people enrolled in our services, so if you're interested, get in touch!

Fund Raiser

 Enter to win $10,000! Find out more here.

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St. Lawrence NYSARC

Programs & Services

Career Opportunities helps people with vocational barriers obtain and develop the skills necessary for successful employment through individualized employment and training services.

We provide home and community based services that target skill development and allow children to develop age-appropriate independent living and social skills using principles and strategy or Applied Behavior Analysis.

Community Arts programs offer creative, social, and recreational opportunities for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Our day habs offer activities that promote individual goals.  Services encourage self direction, independence, and life-long educational opportunities designed to suit the interests of the person and their support team.

Dodge Pond offers a summer recreation program, vacations, and conference services throughout the year.  It also has a certified day habilitation program on site. All services are located in an Adirondack-style lodge with a complete dining hall and overnight accommodations.

Family Support Services provides evening, weekend, and afterschool opportunities for people with developmental disabilities who live with a family member.  It is designed to provide recreational opportunities for participaants while giving caregiving family members respite time.

Get Fit Gym helps staff members, program participants, and community members stay in shape.  The gym consists of hydraulic circuit equipment that gently works muscles to help people increase their overall fitness.  Eight different machines cover each major muscle group.

The Gallery of Art and Learning offers high quality artwork and handcrafted goods made by individuals with developmental disabilities and community members.  GOAL also serves as an employment training site for our program participants.

Our Guardianship program helps family members or advocates determine long-term guardianship solutions for children with developmental disabilities 

St. Lawrence NYSARC operates a variety of residential opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities in St. Lawrence County.

Seaway Industries provides employment opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilites.  Participants enjoy meaningful careers at our job sites or on mobile crews that work in the community.

Service Coordination is an entitlement program available to individuals who are diagnosed with developmental disabilities. It is not limited to any special age group, nor does a person have to be enrolled in a structured program.

St. Lawrence NYSARC's Transitions Program empowers young people with intellectual and developmental disabilities through self-directed goal setting. Transitions focuses on independent living and community engagement activities.

In addition to operating the County's public transportation system, SLNYSARC offers regular transportation for individuals who attend our programs and services.